Unmanned solutions that support your mission.

Autonomous solutions are the core of who we are.  We have tirelessly pushed the limits of long-endurance, long-range, mobile unmanned aircraft systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.  Whether for Defense, Civilian, or Commercial applications, our platforms help our clients achieve their mission goals. 

Unmanned Aircraft Solutions

VXE30 ISR Platform

Proven ISR Platform
Portable, quiet SUAS supporting militaries and law enforcement with long-endurance imaging in a wide range of environments

Penguin C VTOL

Go Anywhere Platform
Integrated platform capable of flying missions anywhere, anytime even when infrastructure is lacking to launch and recover

Penguin C Mk2

Turnkey Integrated UAS
Long-endurance, long-range ready-to-go unmanned platform for governments and commercial entities using a catapult launch

Penguin B Series

Blank Canvas Airframe
Customer-configurable airframe capable of adapting to mission requirements widely used by research groups & universities

Aircraft Comparison

VXE30-1 VXE 30 Penguin C VTOL 25 - 2 Penguin C MK 2.5 VTOL Penguin C Mk2 - 4 Penguin C MK 2 Penguin B - BE - 2 Penguin B Airframe
Wingspan 4.9m / 16ft 4.12m / 13.5ft 3.9m / 12.8ft 3.3m / 10.8ft
Max Takeoff Weight* 20kg / 44lbs 41kg / 90lbs 25kg / 55lbs
Ceiling 4,572m / 15,000ft 5,000m / 16,400ft 5,000m / 16,400ft 4,000m / 13,100ft
Endurance* 8+ hrs 12+ hrs 20+ hrs
Communication Range* up to 160km / 100mi ----------------------up to 180km / 112mi ----------------------
Cruise Speed 30+ kts 45+ kts 40+ kts
Max Level Speed 50+ kts 65+ kts 60+ kts 60+ kts
Comms Type Silvus Dual S & C band standard ------------- Silvus MIMO SC4200E with Mesh -------------

*approximation – the exact performance of a given solution depends on the equipment used

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