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A comprehensive line of products to enhance power systems.

Edge Autonomy Energy Systems


Whether a mission calls for integration of a new payload in the field, commercializing patents, or developing a low-watt power solution, our energy components are developed to customize each system based on unique project needs.


Our latest generation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) come equipped with an internal data logger that sends fuel cell data to telematics websites, allowing for remote tracking of fuel levels, cycles, run hours, and more.

Multiple options mean that each enclosure can be optimized for specific operational needs. Our enclosure solutions include necessary integration hardware to protect your SOFC from weather, theft, tampering, and more.

Custom cables in varying lengths provide durable connections to ensure uptimes. Options include direct connection of the fuel cell to the battery terminals, connection to an electrical system, and a replacement for damaged wire harnesses.

Our specialized kits allow for the adaptation of the exhaust port on the fuel cell to a 4.5 inch HVAC duct with varying lengths of high temperature silicone ducting and hose clamps, which are used to hold the exhaust duct to the adapter flanges. Each duct kit can be customized based on unique operational needs.

The fuel handling system connects to the fuel tank, regulates pressure, connects to the fuel filter, and ultimately delivers fuel to the fuel cell. We offer multiple options and configurations to allow for a system build customized to each specific program.

No matter the enclosure, our specialized mounts and brackets ensure proper integration and are designed to minimize vibration impacts. With the option to either mount the fuel cell on a horizonal shelf or mount it in a 19” telecom rack mounting system, our mounting assembly solutions offer flexibility for different configurations.

Get up to 8kW of power with our multi-unit controller, which allows for parallel operation of up to eight Performer or Endurance units. This means a 2kW array of 250W products or an 8kW array of 1kW products.

Our online portal provides real-time insight into system operation, generating alerts about key status conditions and schedule refueling visits before the system runs out of propane. This is available in either a cellular or satellite kit.

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