Mission operations anywhere, even under harsh conditions


With the ability to take off and land anywhere, the Penguin C VTOL can support a wide variety of missions under even the most difficult circumstances.

Penguin C VTOL


With the ability to take off and land anywhere, our Penguin C VTOL can rapidly deploy to support critical missions, even when the environment is harsh or contested. Whether your operations include artillery fire control, search and rescue, or infrastructure assessments, the Penguin C VTOL serves as an agile platform for multi-mission needs.


Penguin C VTOL in flight


Our systems are designed to be modular, and the Penguin C VTOL can be adapted to meet a variety of mission needs with a wide range of payload options. Out of the box, this platform can work with standard packages including our line of gimbal ISR solutions. Because our solutions are mission-driven, our engineers work closely with customers to customize and integrate components to meet each unique need.

A crew of two can operate the Penguin C VTOL and all the necessary equipment, and the whole system can be packed in several ruggedized containers to be transported in a single minivan, pickup, or helicopter and assembled in under an hour.

When equipped with advanced EO/IR payloads, the Penguin C VTOL is well-equipped to perform observation, inspection, and surveillance tasks such as day and nighttime object tracking and small moving target indication.


Wingspan 4.12m / 13.5 ft
Max Takeoff Weight* 41kg / 90lb
Ceiling 4000m / 13,000ft
Endurance* 12+ hrs
Communications Range* up to 180km / 112 mi
Cruise Speed 30+ kts
Max Speed 65+ kts
Comms Type Silvus Dual S & C band standard

*approximation – the exact performance of a given solution depends on the equipment used

Penguin C VTOL on stand with antenna

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