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About Us

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About Us

Over the years, Edge Autonomy has built an exceptionally strong foundation of experience working on a wide variety of electronics and SUAS programs. Today Edge is a true leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of innovative autonomus products to meet the rapidly advancing needs of the UAS marketplace.

With customer satisfaction being the key to success, we have the talent and experience to deliver the performance and reliability required to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

Our Values

  • Product Delivery
  • High Performance
  • Cost-Effectiveness

Edge Autonomy aims to produce reliable, cost-effective, and high-performance products. This set of requirements is the reason why we have decided to develop our own technology and subsystems. By having our own subsystems, we can ensure that the product is reliable, which is the number one parameter that needs to be achieved.
Seamless integration between the subsystems allows us to achieve the best performance since individual components are made to work with each other. We can also save weight and make the system cost-effective.

We Have Earned Respect

Edge Autonomy is a respected name in the unmanned industry. Our insistence upon thoroughness, quality, and customer support has allowed us to serve our customers with a product that they love and that we are proud of. Today, we are flying high… and long. The Penguin B Edge Autonomy has set the world record in its class for longest nonstop flight time, 54 hours and 27 minutes. The Penguin C is at the very top of performance on small fixed-wing UAS class. Our uncompromising pursuit of perfection has paid off.

We are honored to have supported Customers and Partners including: