Battery tenders for critical loads


250W & 1kW backup or off grid power

Edge Autonomy Energy Systems Performer Series


Seamlessly integrated with wind, solar, and other alternative technologies, the Performer Series of power solutions from Edge Autonomy Energy Systems offers a downtime solution to ensure equipment stays functional – even under extreme circumstances.

Our high-efficiency Performer Series is designed as a line of battery tenders to undergo many thermal cycles. Providing up to 8kW in remote or harsh environments, they are highly durable with a microtubular stack design that provides built-in redundancy.


Advantages & Benefits

Designed and tested for rugged conditions, the Performer Series is a power solution that is easily connected and fleet-ready. Built-in serial communications and IP data logging allow for remote monitoring, which enables deployment as part of a fleet. The ability to easily monitor from a distance also makes refueling scheduling easy to manage.

Our Performer Series products are also drop and subject tested to simulate how they might react to being dropped, jostled, or impacted by heavy machinery (such as a railroad). Vibration impact and transportation are not an issue with these power units.  

The system is made of heat-resistant ceramic tubes and excels in extreme temperatures (from – 40°C to 50°C). The fuel cell reaction produces no liquid water, so Performer products will not freeze. And with fuel throttling at end of life, a standalone fuel reset button, and requiring just a few screws to install, Performer products are simple to maintain and highly reliable.

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