VXE30: Proven ISR Platform


The VXE30 is a portable, quiet SUAS that provides unprecedented long-endurance imaging capability in a wide range of environments. Network-based avionics support multiple payloads simultaneously, rapid payload integration, and allow for communication flexibility. The system provides accurate, georeferenced imagery products in a variety of formats. The vehicle performs fully autonomous Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL), with no operator input required. The VXE30 uses a solid oxide fuel cell, which provides 8+ hours of endurance, OR a rechargeable battery with 4 hours of endurance. The system is field swappable in under 30 minutes. The VXE30 is a rugged, durable, lightweight Group 2 UAS that is ready to fly out of the box.

Key Features

Advantages & Benefits

Ready for integration

Modular Open Systems Architecture Platform provides flexibility in mission kit out


Available with a propane fuel cell or rechargeable battery allowing for flexibility. 

Class leading mobility

A crew of two can operate the VXE30 and all the necessary equipment, including the pneumatic launcher. The whole system, packed in several ruggedized containers and can be transported in a single minivan, pickup, or helicopter and assembled in under an hour.

Top of the line surveillance

If equipped with advanced Epsilon EO/IR payloads, the VXE30 is one of the most capable surveillance UAS available on the market. Epsilon gimbals provide advanced observation, inspection, and surveillance capabilities, such as day and nighttime object tracking and small moving target indication.

Key Specifications

Wingspan 4.9m / 16ft
Max Takeoff Weight* 22kg / 49lbs
Ceiling 4,572m / 15,000ft
Endurance* 8+ hours
Communications Range* up to 160km / 112mi
Cruise Speed 30+ kts
Max Speed 50+ kts
Comms Type Silvus Dual S & C band standard

*approximation – the exact performance of a given solution depends on the equipment used

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