Penguin C Mk 2.5: VTOL


Penguin C VTOL improves on our already class leading Penguin C Mk2.  With an ability to land and takeoff anywhere, the system can rapidly deploy anywhere to support critical missions – be that military fire control, search and rescue, or infrastructure assessments – that other systems might not get to as quickly.

Key Features

Key Specifications

Wingspan 4.12m / 13.5 ft
Max Takeoff Weight* 32kg / 70lb
Ceiling 5,000m / 16,400ft
Endurance* 12+ hrs
Communications Range* up to 180km / 112 mi
Cruise Speed 30+ kts
Max Speed 65+ kts
Comms Type Silvus Dual S & C band standard

*approximation – the exact performance of a given solution depends on the equipment used

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