Uncrewed aerial surveillance for increased effectiveness and efficiency


Border patrol and protection is imperative to national security, no matter the length, terrain, or accessibility that border may offer. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have emerged as a valuable tool for surveillance and monitoring. With the ability to enhance security efforts and improve overall safety, UAVs can cover vast areas quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional human patrols, which may be limited by physical endurance and geographical challenges, UAVs can cover expansive terrains regardless of circumstances 

Edge Autonomy Border Patrol
Edge Autonomy Penguin C

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems from Edge Autonomy incorporate small, lightweight, long-range UAVs equipped with advanced imaging systems that include high-definition cameras, thermal sensors, and radar to provide real-time aerial surveillance. This not only enables border patrol agents to effectively detect and respond to potential threats, but also minimizes the risk to human personnel in dangerous or remote areas, or where terrain or hostile conditions may pose a risk. 

Cost Optimization

VXE30 Stalker in flight

Compared to traditional methods such as crewed aircraft or ground patrols, the operational cost of UAVs are significantly lower.

Increased Coverage

Octopus gimbal footage

UAVs can cover multiple sectors simultaneously, providing comprehensive monitoring of different border areas. 


Ground control station

Deploying UAVs in dangerous or remote areas where terrain or hostile conditions may pose risks to officers takes those individuals out of harm’s way.


UAV flight operations

UAVs can easily adjust their routes based on real-time intelligence or specific needs.

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