Penguin B is a high performance semi-integrated small UAV platform available for final assembly and customization by UAV system integrators.  Due to its proven design and many options to choose from, Penguin B has become the most widely used UAV platform by system integrators such as militaries, research organizations, and universities.

Examples of Customization Options

Sample Configurations

The Penguin B is highly customizable and configurable – from a simple airframe with no engine to a complete platform… and everything in-between.

We start with an airframe, we work with you to add options such as an engine (EFI. carbureted, electric), pitot tubes, ISR / sensors, VTOL options, landing gear, or other options.  We can even upgrade existing airframes to use the latest technologies such as a VTOL ability or new sensors.   This adaptability allows us to provide you, our clients, with the ability to configure this solution to be whatever you need it to be.

Here are some samples of standard packages to start from.

Bare Airframe

Blank canvas adaptable to any mission need
Composite airframe with swappable payload mount, preinstalled main landing gear, steerable suspension nose leg, spinner, wing GPS compartment. Includes wing servos, tail servos, nosewheel servo and catapult hardpoints integrated. *NOTE: Not flyable without the addition of an engine

EFI Engine

Upgraded to utilize a best in class high efficiency engine
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) upgrade incl. injector assembly, air filter, fuel pump, cylinder head temperature control duct, pressure regulator, ECU, Includes 7500 cc fuel tank and GILL fuel level sensor, and Heavy duty landing gear, Preinstalled Fischer 102 Series pushpull industrial connectors for wing sections, and catapult hardpoints integrated

VTOL w/ Spares

Upgraded to utilize a best in class electric engine
Composite airframe, parachutes and harnesses, covers, battery packs, propulsion module and replacement, tailboom sets, engine maintenance packages, pitot tubes, spare propellers and assemblies, replacement datalink, replacement gimbal replacement mechanisms, VTOL booms and propellers,

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