Endurance Power System: Critical Continuous Power


Our Endurance Series products were built for loads that require continuous auxiliary or primary power. They’re ideal for use in pipeline monitoring, data collection and more.

They’re optimized for long-term use and flexibility. Unlike other fuel cells or power solutions, ours excel in extreme temperatures and have very few moving parts — cutting down on maintenance. Plus, they can run on propane or specialty blends like pipeline gas thanks to our proprietary single-use filter that keeps fuel clear and free of impurities.

Key Features

Advantages & Benefits

Connected & Fleet-Ready

Built-in serial communications and IP data logging allow for remote monitoring, so you can schedule refueling visits in advance.  This same technology also enables deployment as part of a fleet. 

Engineered for the Toughest Environments

Excel in temps from -40°C to 50°C. Made of heat-resistant ceramic tubes. Will not freeze because fuel cell reaction produces no liquid water.


No major moving parts means the only maintenance required is a restack after 10,000 hours of use or 10 cycles

Easy to Integrate

Endurance products are flexible enough to add into new installations or integrate with existing systems – batteries, solar charge controllers, DC-DC converters, fused external communications, computers, and / or modems – anywhere in the world.

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