Energy systems that ensure resiliency at the edge.

Edge Autonomy’s rugged power solutions are unique in the market. Unlike all other types of fuel cells, our proprietary microtubular design has built-in redundancy so the system will continue making the power you need no matter what. 

Our products are engineered to address market-specific uptime challenges. Proven in freight rail, aviation, monitoring, UAV and other critical applications — when downtime is not an option.


Excel in extreme cold

Engineered to store, start & operate in temperatures from -40°C to 50°C.

Run on propane or pipeline gas

Low-cost, readily available fuels.

Low Carbon

20% fuel efficiency, higher than TEGs and gas/diesel generators.

High cycles or long run

Product lines to address any uptime challenges.

Easy to Install & Move

With systems as lightweight as 19 pounds.


No Routine Maintenance

Fuel filter lasts for the lifetime of the stack.

Our Partners & Resellers

Redhawk Energy Systems, LLC | N. America

Since the early 1980s, RedHawk has solved critical prime and back-up power challenges for customers including virtually every Class 1 railroad in North America, shortline railroads, transit agencies, upstream, midstream and downstream oil/gas companies, telecommunication companies and many others

Region: North America
Industry: Transportation

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Rohal Technologies | India

Based in New Delhi, Rohal Technologies is a Green Renewable Energy and Hybrid Power Management solution provider, offering innovative and insightful technologies developed by a team of expert engineers, programmers and designers.

Region: India
Industry: Defense, Telecom


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Sentrex Wind | Canada


Established in 2006, Sentrex works throughout Canada in the commercial wind energy industry with national and international energy companies, engineering firms, small regional wind developers and utilities.

Region: Canada
Industry: Commercial Wind, Data Collection (LiDar, SCADA), Oil/Gas


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Engineered Equipment Company | Alaska


Established in 1967, Engineered Equipment Company is a leading supplier of specialized industrial equipment throughout the Northwest, providing products such as valves, pumps, instrumentation and electrical equipment.

Region: Alaska & Pacific Northwest
Industry: Telecom, Weather Disaster Resilience


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Ruggedized power solutions

Energy & Fuel Cell Solutions

Performer Power System Battery Energy Systems

Performer Series

Backup & off-grid battery tenders for critical loads
250W & 1kW | 250 Cycles | 3,000hrs | Fuel Source: Propane or Natural Gas
Energy Systems

Endurance Series

Continuous power for critical commercial applications
250W & 1kW | 10 Cycles | 10,000hrs | Fuel Source: Propane or Natural Gas

Energy Components

Everything you need to get running with SOFC
Components kit components to help get your project off the ground

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