Robust surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in a small form factor


A stabilized camera system in a small but robust form factor

Edge Autonomy E140LC gimbal


The E140LC is a solution for numerous missions where superior image stabilization, cost-effectiveness, and long-range imaging are required in a small payload capacity.



Ruggedized to Operate in Any Environment

We equip our systems with super rugged designs comprised of an advanced magnesium structure.

Assembled in a protected, fully sealed, dry gas environment to ensure that the system works when and where you need it to – IP64. 

Superior Visuals

Our integrated approach to optics combines class-leading LWIR and HD video systems with the most powerful in-class onboard processors to ensure that the boots on the ground know what is going on.  

Artillery Fire Support

Our gimbal systems have integrated software for artillery fire correction to help support all ground missions. 

Moving object tracking gimbal ISR


Target Tracking

The object tracking is a fundamental feature for long-range surveillance, monitoring and law enforcement applications. The operator can allocate the target and zoom in, while the onboard processor will hold the target in the center of the video screen, regardless of the aircraft movement direction.

Key Specifications

Electro-Optical sensor camera 1920×1080p
vFOV for EO camera 37.9° - 1.3° (vFOV)
Max Optical Zoom for EO camera 1 30x (@720p) / 45x (@480p)
4x Digital Zoom for EO cameras
IR camera LWIR 640x512p
IR camera hFOV 25° (hFOV)
IR camera vFOV 18.9° (vFOV)
IR camera optical zoom -
IR camera digital zoom 4x
Stabilization 100 Hz
Laser Rangefinder No
Laser pointer No
Edge Autonomy E140LC gimbal


⌀ 140 mm / 5.51 in

Height 195 mm / 7.70 in

Weight 1.27 kg / 2.80 lb

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