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Edge Autonomys’ division Octopus ISR Systems develops and produces leading optronic surveillance systems for use on all kinds of manned and unmanned systems. Our systems excel in performance by offering unmatched capabilities in the smallest possible size and weight of the payload.



By having a production and development facility for our gimbals in the European Union and the United States, we have the ability to avoid the entanglement of typical export control regulation.   This allows us to deliver solutions rapidly, without the years-long review process.

Ruggedized to Operate in Any Environment

We equip our systems with super rugged designs comprised of an advanced magnesium structure assembled in an protected fully sealed, dry gas environment to ensure that the system works when and where you need it to.

Onboard Video Processing

All of our high performance long-range gimbals today have an onboard video processor.  Thanks to this processor, we can provide key benefits to the end-user including:

Stabilization of the video

Transmission through a video link

Object tracking

Data enhancement – overlays, digital zoom, or recording.

Software Stabilization & Roll Correction

Ensuring a stabilized picture is crucial to providing data to end users.  Our systems come pre-installed with software stabilization and roll correction.  This allows them to provide imagery normally reserved for much larger, more expensive gimbals requiring a larger and more expensive aircraft.

Solution Comparison

Edge Autonomy Octopus Gimbal E95 Edge Autonomy Octopus Gimbal E140LC Edge Autonomy Octopus Gimbal E140Z G2 Edge Autonomy E140LC gimbal E175 Edge Autonomy E180 gimbal E180MG
Electro-Optical 1920×1080p 1280×720p 1920×1080p 1280×720p 3840×2160p
hFOV for EO 59.9° - 7.1° (hFOV) 62.9° - 2.2° (hFOV) 63.7° - 2.3° (hFOV) 62.9° - 2.2° (hFOV) 56.6° - 2.2° (hFOV)
vFOV for EO 36.6° - 4.0° (vFOV) 37.9° - 1.3° (vFOV) 37.9° - 1.3° (vFOV) 37.9° - 1.3° (vFOV) 34.0° - 2.0° (vFOV)
Max Optical Zoom for EO 20x (1080p) / 45x (480p) 30x (720p) / 45x (480p) 30x (1080p) / 67x (480p) 30x (720p) / 45x (480p) 20x (2160p) / 90x (480p)
4x Digital Zoom for EO
Thermal Imager LWIR 640x512p LWIR 640x512p LWIR 640x512p MWIR 640x512p MWIR 640x512p
Thermal Imager hFOV 12.5° or 31.8° (hFOV) 25° (hFOV) 43.3° - 8.2° (hFOV) 26.8° - 2.0° (hFOV) 30.9° - 6.7° (vFOV)
Thermal Imager vFOV 26° or 9.9° (vFOV) 18.9° (vFOV) 26.3° - 2.0° (hFOV) 21.5° - 1.6° (vFOV) 21.7° - 1.6° (vFOV)
Thermal Imager Optical Zoom - - 5x 15x 15x
Thermal Imager Digital Zoom 4x 4x 4x 4x 4x
Laser Rangefinder - - -
Laser pointer -
Onboard Video Recording (32 Gb)
Automatic Object Tracking (Onboard)
Integrated High Precision GPS/INS
IP64 / Sealed and Dry Gas Filled Structure
Moving Map Software
H.264 Internal Encoder -
H.265 Internal Encoder -
Moving Target Indicator (Onboard) -
Dimensions 95 mm x 135 mm (3.80" x 5.3") 140 mm x 195 mm (5.51" x 7.70") 140 mm x 189 mm (5.51" x 7.44") 175 mm x 220 mm (6.88" x 8.66") 180 mm x 227 mm (7.10" x 8.90")
Payload Weight 570 g (1.25 lb) 1.27 kg (2.80 lb) 1.4 kg (3.08 lb) 2.6 kg (5.73 lb) 3.25 kg (7.16 lb)

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