Defense & Homeland Security Solutions

Whether it’s flying observation missions over Eastern Europe, providing power for border monitors,  or training for missions in INDOPACOM, our solutions support today’s mission and tomorrow’s requirements. 

Features That Make a Difference

Modular & Adaptable to the Fight

Our systems are modular – flexible enough to go with our soldiers from one mission to the next.

Mobile & Rapidly Deployable

Manpower is among the largest challenges facing militaries of today. Our solutions can be deployed with as few as 1-2 people in hours.


Many of our solutions are ITAR-free allowing us to get them into the hands of Allied militaries around the world quickly.  Additionally, we can produce our solutions at our Riga, Latvia facility in addition to our California and Michigan locations.

Improved Resiliency

Recent events have proven the criticality of being able to operate on the pointy end of the spear, dealing with challenges to the logistics train. By producing our solutions in multiple locations and delivering alternative energy solutions, we help ensure the mission always goes forward.

Selected Client List

Examples of How Our Solutions can be Used

Military artillery fire

Artillery Fire Support​

Our gimbal systems have integrated software for artillery fire correction to help support ground missions.  We assure our customers that ordnance arrives on target.  

Remote monitoring station

Resilient Off-Grid Power

Our Energy Systems provide reliable off-grid power to critical equipment that rangers and border patrol agents rely on to stay safe and connected.  We pair with existing infrastructure to ensure infrastructure doesn’t go down at the wrong time. 

ISR gimbal camera E140LC

Tracking & Intelligence

Our aircraft are among the quietest and with the longest endurance in their category – enabling mission commanders the ability to identify and track targets to help enable mission success. 

Edge Autonomy VXE30 Stalker

Training Drones

Unmanned systems have become a big part of the threat picture and learning to counter them is a critical part of any security effort.  Our aircraft can be configured to act as a training device, imitating adversary or criminal groups.  

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