Commercial Solutions

People are scarce – our solutions help automate tasks and keep systems running longer without intervention – freeing up the most valuable asset of all – your people.

Features That Make a Difference

Adaptable to Requirements

Our systems are modular – flexible enough to be adapted to whatever the task might be.   Our aircraft can work with almost any payload that can fit.   Our energy systems are often adapted to meet the needs of a particular location while retaining commonality.  Our gimbals can be mounted on anything – an aircraft, a building, or even a vehicle. 

Rapidly Deployable

Sometimes time is of the essence – when fighting a fire or finding a lost hiker, minutes can matter.  Our solutions are designed to get going quickly.   For example most of our aircraft can be deployed with as few as 1-2 people in hours.  

Safe & Reliable

Our solutions go through rigorous testing to ensure both safety and reliability.  Our aircraft have native “return to base” features that prevent them from going places they shouldn’t.  Our Energy Systems are some of the most reliable in their group with one client reporting a 230% drop in service calls.  Our Gimbal and Optics systems improve safety by assisting operators to identify issues before they become problems. 

Multiple Production Locations

With production facilities in the United States and Europe, we can get our solutions and support to our customers around the world quickly. Moreover, many of our solutions are ITAR-free further increasing response time.

Selected Client List

Examples of How Our Solutions can be Used

Railroad power solutions

Linear Infrastructure Inspection

Airborne linear infrastructure inspection is regularly performed by our aircraft and gimbals. Typical applications include transmission lines, railroads, road inspections, and pipeline inspections. 

Solar Power

Providing Resilient Power

Our energy systems provide reliable, resilient power to keep critical infrastructure active.  When paired with other renewables, such as this solar trailer, we help keep the lights on no matter what. 

Night vision ISR gimbal camera

Security Monitoring

Having the ability to identify whether something is a problem, where it is / might occur, and record the information for legal action is crucial.  Our ISR systems support security and keep an eye on things – be that a building, an event, or even a campus. 

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