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Onboard Generator System Upgrade

Power unit with outstanding efficiency

Heavy Duty Landing Gear

Optimized for operation from unimproved runways

Long-Endurance Fuel Tank

Significantly higher volume than the standard fuel tank with a lightweight composite structure

Fuel Level Sensor

Specifically designed for the Penguin B long-endurance fuel tank

Header Tank Fuel Sensor

Designed to indicate low fuel conditions in the header tank

Four Servo V-tail Option

Significantly increases the reliability of the Penguin B UAV system

Universal Payload Mount

Flexible mounting configurations for various payloads

Push-pull Connectors for Wings

For a more reliable connection and quick and easy installation

Penguin B UAV Transportation Case

Military-grade transportation case for the Penguin B UAV

UAV Balancer

Designed for field operations. Assembled in seconds.

UAV Engine Starter

UAV engine starter for pusher engines

Battery Cartridge

Reduces the amount of wiring and simplifies charging

Power Distribution Unit

Penguin BE power distribution unit is designed to provide onboard dual voltage regulated power supply

Pitot-Static Tube for UAVs

Combined pitot-static tube is designed to provide both dynamic and static pressure measurements in a single package

Heated Pitot-Static Tube for UAVs

Lightest and most power-efficient commercially available heated pitot-static tube for small unmanned aircraft vehicles

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