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Penguin B, Penguin BE, Penguin C


The excellent capabilities of the Penguin B Edge Autonomy airframe and a wide range of options make it particularly suitable for research and Training use. The airframe’s modular payload capability and configurability make it an ideal platform for research institutes. Universities and research organizations worldwide choose Penguin B as a standard Edge Autonomy airframe for their projects.

As well, professional pilot training universities around the world utilize the Penguin C UAS due to its reliability and low cost of operations.


An outstanding substitute for in-house Edge Autonomy platforms

In most of the applications, Penguin B will substitute existing Edge Autonomy platforms that were previously fabricated in-house. The in-house Edge Autonomy airframes are often based on RC hobby aircraft manufactured by local hobbyists, students, or university personnel.

Penguin B brings the unmanned operations capabilities to a different level and can concentrate directly on the actual unmanned application without losing the focus on the in-house Edge Autonomy airframes’ design, fabrication, testing, and modifications.

Edge Autonomy offers configuration files at no cost for some of the most popular autopilots reducing the need and time to map airframes and conduct multiple test flights.

Open For a New Collaboration

A special documentation package is provided together with Penguin B. This documentation provides all necessary information for successful integration of avionics and payload and also enables using the Penguin B Edge Autonomy platform for university projects such as:

  • Student group design projects
  • Control system design projects
  • Final year university projects
  • Ph.D. research projects

Edge Autonomy is open for a new collaboration with universities, Edge Autonomy training facilities, research groups, and agencies. Edge Autonomy offers an educational discount for all academic clients.
Please contact us to discuss your application and needs in greater detail.

Penguin B Edge Autonomy

Long endurance and high payload carrying capacity, interchangeability between the Penguin B airframes, standardized payload modules, short lead times for spare components, and a well-tested and validated solution at an excellent price point.

Penguin BE Edge Autonomy

Electric Penguin BE unmanned aircraft platform shares the same flexibility as the original gas engine Penguin B unmanned aircraft. The electric version is perfect for short-duration missions, with excellent reliability and simple maintenance.

Ready to fly system
Preferred aircraft for education

Penguin C UAS

Long-endurance, long-range unmanned aircraft system designed for demanding operations.

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The technical support from Edge Autonomy has been stellar. Questions and support items are handled promptly. Edge Autonomy continues to work with our team to ensure our system is operating optimally and all inquiries and requests are promptly followed up.

Ryan W.

UAS Business Development, UND Aerospace Foundation

The Edge Autonomy Penguin C has provided an exceptional capability to UAS Flight Training at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Penguin’s reliable and proven design has afforded our students the opportunity to gain insight into professional-grade systems that they may encounter in the industry. This, coupled with Edge Autonomy’s support, has made it a pleasure to own and operate the Penguin C.

Shane A.

Aeronautical Science Department, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The UND Aerospace Foundation has found the Penguin C system to be a robust and reliable unmanned platform. We have flown the Penguin C and Epsilon 140z payload in operations varying from flood to fire support in temperatures ranging from well below freezing up to around 95°F/35°C. We regularly fly near or at the published wind limits, and the parachute and airbag landing system has performed well in all environments.

Ryan W.

UAS Business Development, UND Aerospace Foundation

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