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Penguin C VTOL MIL UAS Tech Specs

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Aircraft Specifications

Wingspan 3.9m / 12.8 ft
MTOW 32 kg / 70.55 lb
Endurance 14+ hours
Range 180 km / 112 mi
Cruise speed 46 knots
Max level speed 68 knots
Ceiling 4000 m / 13000 ft AMSL
Max takeoff altitude 2000 m / 6500 ft AMSL
Operational t° -30 °C to 50 °C / -22 °F to +122 °F
Navigation GPS and magnetometer (for GPS-denied environments)
Anti-icing measures Heated Pitot tube, Heated Batteries
Weather limitations Rain <5 mm/hour / 0.2 inches/hour;

30 knot sustained winds

Detectability Not detectable at 1 km / 0.62 mi
Transponder Mode 5 Mark XIIB or ADS-B

Propulsion System

Engine type 28cc EFI module; proprietary low noise muffler
Temperature control system Automatically controlled via mechanical flap
Fuel type Unleaded gasoline or C10
Generator system 150 W onboard generator system

Data Link Specifications

Datalink manufacturer Silvus MIMO with Mesh
Frequency UHF, L,C, or S band; Customizable
Link Rate Up to 20 Mbps
Output power Up to 10 W
Encryption AES 256

System Specifications

Ground Control Station Portable, Dual touchscreen displays
Tracking antenna Tracking high gain directional and omnidirectional antennas
Takeoff and landing Vertical, fully automated, with parachute for an emergency landing
Crew size 2
Preparation time 30 minutes from pallet to launch ready

Gimbal Options

Gimbal Comparison

System Footprint

3 Aircraft, 1 Tracking Antenna, 1 Ground Control Station

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