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Penguin C UAS


Aircraft Specifications

Wingspan 3.3 m / 10.8 ft
MTOW 23 kg / 50.7 lbs
Endurance < 20 hours depending on payload
Range 100 km / 60 miles
Cruise speed 19-22 m/s / 37-43 knots
Max level speed 32 m/s / 62.2 knots
Ceiling 5000 m / 16 400 ft AMSL
Takeoff Pneumatic Catapult, fully autonomous
Maximum takeoff altitude 3000 m / 10 000 ft AMSL
Recovery Parachute recovery, airbag
Operational temperature -40 °C to +50 °C depending on configuration
Anti-icing measures Heated Pitot-static tube. Continuous flight operations in icing conditions are not approved.
Environmental protection < 5 mm/h rain. Pitot with drain.

Propulsion System

Engine type Fuel injected, single cylinder, two-stroke internal combustion engine
Temperature control system Automatically controlled via mechanical flap
Fuel type Unleaded 98 octane (RON) gasoline, oil mix
Generator system 100 W or 150 W onboard generator system depending on configuration

Payload Specifications

Payload type Day/night gyro stabilized Epsilon range of payloads
Advanced features Target Tracking, Electronic Stabilization, Moving Target Indicator
Mounting Motorized retract with anti-vibration damping

Data Link Specifications

Frequency 2.304–2.390 GHz

2.402-2.482 GHz

2.500-2.570 GHz

5.000-5.900 GHz

Link rate Up to 12 Mbps
Encryption 128 bit AES

256 bit AES

Flight Control System

Autopilot type Piccolo, Cloud Cap Technology

Ground Control Station

Type Portable, dual touchscreen displays

Ground Data Terminal

Type Tracking high gain directional antenna

Catapult System

Type Portable pneumatic, 6000 J launch energy