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Onboard Generator System Upgrade

Tech Specs

Onboard Generator System Upgrade


A complete 100 W onboard generator systems can be optionally installed on Penguin B airframe if ordered with 28cc engine and servo package.


  • Ready to run onboard generator system
  • 80 W or 100 W continuous load
  • 6 V and 12 V output
  • Short circuit protection
  • 3 cell lithium-polymer battery integrated charger
  • External power connection
  • Integrated current sensors
  • TTL serial output

The system consists of a generator power unit (GPU), a belt-driven industrial grade generator capable of supplying 100 W continuous power depending on the configuration as well as electrical wiring and mounting components.

The generator power unit is designed to provide onboard dual voltage regulated power supply at 6 V and 12 V outputs. Despite the small size, power unit offers outstanding efficiency as well as unique features such as the ability to monitor load, battery current, engine rpm, generator and battery voltage through serial communication. As a result, all power distribution parameters can be transmitted to the ground control station and monitored during the flight.

The integrated lithium-polymer charger is used for the backup battery, which is switched on during the pre-flight checks, power peaks or in the event of the engine failure.

The power unit is packed in a sealed aluminium enclosure and fitted with the high-end industrial push-pull connectors.