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Long-Endurance Fuel Tank

Tech Specs

Long-Endurance Fuel Tank


Specifically designed to maximize the amount of fuel that can be carried on board of the Penguin B UAV.


  • Significantly higher volume than standard fuel tank
  • Lightweight composite structure
  • Shape designed specifically for Penguin B
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Filled with anti-slosh foam

With the fuel tank volume of 7.5 litres (1.98 gal), Penguin B can easily achieve 10+ hours of cruise flight time using the standard two-stroke 28cc engine. With UAV28-EFI engine 20+ hour-long flights can be achieved.

Fuel tank occupies maximum space inside the Penguin B fuselage and maintains the nearly constant centre of gravity during the flight. The fuel tank is filled with special anti-slosh foam, that reduces the fuel movement inside the fuel tank during the flight.

The long-endurance fuel tank can be easily removed from the fuselage to access additional space allocated for UAV avionics.