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Heated Pitot-Static Tube for UAVs

Tech Specs

Heated Pitot-Static Tube for UAVs

Lightest and most power-efficient commercially available pitot-static tube for small unmanned aircraft vehicles.


  • Lightest commercially available heated pitot-static tube
  • 58 grams of the total weight
  • 19 W continuous power
  • Heated ports with a temperature control system
  • Fault detection signal output
  • Reverse polarity protection

EDGE Autonomy’s heated Pitot-Static tube is the lightest and most power-efficient commercially available probe for small unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV). Manufactured from carbon fibre and aircraft-grade aluminium, this probe provides both dynamic and static pressure measurements in a single ultra-light and rigid package. The simple mechanical interface allows quick removal.

A combined dynamic and static port heating system is fully integrated into the tube which allows for minimal power consumption. An onboard feedback controller continuously regulates the temperature of the probe and automatically switches off the heating element when the required temperature is reached. An additional signal output monitors the heating systems and detects fault conditions.