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Tech Specs

UAV 28 cc EFI Turnkey Fuel Injected Engine


Developed to enable reliable long-endurance flights of small fixed-wing UAVs with up to 2.5 W maximum power


  • Electronic fuel injection with superior fuel atomization
  • Does not contain ITAR or EAR components
  • Smooth and stable operation
  • Integrated 80 W or 100 W onboard generator system
  • A proprietary silent muffler as standard equipment
  • Optimum performance under broad environmental conditions
  • Up to 30% fuel consumption improvement over carbureted engines
  • Non-detectable at up to 1000 m distance
  • -30 °C cold-weather starting
  • Comes fully assembled, calibrated and tested
  • Onboard BlackBox telemetry logging

UAV28-EFI engine system is a fully integrated and cost-efficient engine system targeted to replace carbureted engines and significantly enhance unmanned aircraft reliability, endurance and performance as well as to expand operational conditions.

The engine is particularly suitable for the long-endurance unmanned aircraft due to the excellent fuel consumption. Low acoustic signature enables covert surveillance and reconnaissance missions.


UAV28-EFI engine system was developed to address deficiencies of small carbureted engines that are well known for low inherent reliability and large fuel consumption. Engine reliability is one of the main limiting factors in small unmanned aircraft vehicles. Small carbureted engines are very difficult to tune and maintain – engine failure is a number one cause of unmanned aircraft loss.

UAV28-EFI engine utilizes automotive fuel injection processor with a miniature fuel injector capable of very fine fuel atomization. The engine is controlled by purpose-developed ECU that takes into account engine RPM, cylinder head temperature, manifold air temperature, barometric pressure and throttle position to automatically calculate optimum fuel amount and ignition timing. As a result, UAV28-EFI engine does not need any tuning. The engine operates efficiently and reliably, and the time between maintenance is increased due to the clean, efficient fuel burn.


  • Real-time operational parameter monitoring
  • Throttle control through CAN, PWM, Serial, Analog
  • Real-time fuel consumption and remaining fuel amount data
  • Compatible with any autopilot system and data link system that has a serial pass-through
  • Seamless compatibility with Piccolo autopilot
  • Protocol available for engine integrators
  • Can be used as a part of the aircraft ground control software

EFI Monitor is a software developed by EDGE Autonomy specifically for UAV28-EFI Engine.

EFI Monitor displays visual bar indicators of all critical engine parameters. A colour indication gives an operator a clear visual overview of the system status and allows troubleshooting potential issues during the flight before the parameter would exceed safe value. EFI Monitor software adds vital engine information to the standard ground control software without the need for custom software development. Real-time calculated data on the onboard remaining fuel amount is also displayed for additional convenience, therefore allowing the use without a separate fuel level sensor. An operator can use this data to optimize the endurance of the system during the flight.


UAV28-EFI engine system is a turnkey solution that comes fully integrated with mature onboard generator system, high-performance proprietary muffler system as well as fully automatic temperature control duct (TCD). The system includes a generator power unit (GPU) and an electronic control unit (ECU). Temperature control duct has a servo flap that is automatically controlled by ECU in order to keep the engine at optimum operational temperature.